A Trusted Debt
Collection Solution

Consistent Results through a Professional Approach

Enhanced Consumer Engagement through Multiple Communication Channels

Encourages consumer response and interaction by offering multiple options for preferred communication including SMS/Text, Email, Chat, Mail and Phone.

Many of Our Dedicated Industry Agents are Bilingual in English and Spanish

Our agents are fully trained in their specific fields. A significant portion of our staff speaks Spanish. We have notices available in both English and Spanish.

Free Credit Bureau Reporting and Maintenance

Credit Bureau reporting is a very effective collection tool. We submit new bureau Listings, Updates and Deletions weekly, as well as handle all credit bureau disputes.

Improved Contact Rates with Trusted Caller ID Management

Reduced Blocked Calls and Caller ID Mislabeling due to our phone numbers being Registered and Certified across the mobile phone ecosystem.

Debt Recovery
Services since 1970.

Put our 50+ years of experience to work for you.

Account Services USA is an independently owned, mid-size agency with all the experience, resources, and technologies necessary to handle any client type or size.

Our senior management team has more than 100 years of combined experience with all categories of industry debt. Our in-house, proprietary recovery system provides the flexibility to build a custom collection matrix based on each client’s needs. Our web-based communication system allows us to interact with consumers via the communication channels they prefer most. And our flexible payment systems allow consumers to negotiate and pay without any agent involvement – over the phone/IVR or on-line. All this, coupled with our drive for superior customer service, makes Account Services the best choice for any debt recovery needs.


Effective. Compliant. Professional.

Since our inception in 1970, our company’s doctrine has been to deliver “Consistent Results through a Professional Approach.” This process begins with thorough training of personnel in our collection policies and procedures as well as the FDCPA, HIPAA, FCRA, & CFPA. Agents are trained to treat consumers professionally and with respect. Our Mission Statement proclaims that we effectively liquidate our clients’ receivables by assisting consumers in satisfying their financial obligations in a professional and ethical manner, while complying with all applicable state and federal regulations.

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Account Services Specialization

Our different divisions specialize in all types of bad debt and pre-bad debt recovery programs to fit your needs. These include Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Utilities, Municipalities, and Telecommunications.

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Medical Recovery Services & Early Out Recovery Services

Bad Debt, Pre-Bad Debt/Early Out, and Payment Monitoring Recovery solutions to all Medical Providers including Hospitals, Physicians Groups, Surgery Centers, Clinics, and Dentists. Our dedicated Medical Collection Staff utilizes Compassionate and Effective Collection efforts to recover the most dollars possible so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care. Strong emphasis on HIPAA and Data security. All calls are recorded.

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Financial Recovery Services

Experienced in handling all types of creditor debt including Credit Cards, Consumer Loans, Auto Deficiencies, Overdrafts, Debt Buyers, and various miscellaneous retail debt. Extensive skip tracing utilizing multiple sources as well as scrubbing for Bankruptcies, Deceased, Address Verification, Litigious Consumers, and Cell Phones. Strong emphasis on Compliance, Data and Physical security. All calls are recorded.

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General Business Recovery Services

Collections in select industries, such as Utilities, Telecommunications, Municipalities, and Apartments can require additional skiptracing efforts due to consumer relocation. Any account with bad addresses or no phone numbers automatically triggers heightened location efforts. Additionally, in most cases we can report these accounts to the credit bureaus at no charge, all we need is a social security number or date of birth. All calls are recorded.

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Alert! Account Services Collections, Inc. does not make calls offering to lower credit card interest rates.
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